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Sheila Lowe, CG, MS, Psy.

Ventura, CA 93004

Sheila Lowe & Associates, the Write Choice!

My handwriting analysis practice covers a wide spectrum, from personality evaluation to handwriting authentication, to lecturing, teaching, and writing about handwriting. My clientele includes a variety of business and industry types, as well as the legal, medical, and mental health fields. Based on the west coast of the United States (California), I serve clients around the world.

As a court-qualified handwriting expert, I testify in cases of handwriting authentication. I have also qualified as an expert in the area of personality.

When a company wants to draw visitors to its booth at a trade show or convention, they hire my team of professionals to do demonstration analyses. Using my Handwriting Analyzer software, we are able to produce hundreds of analyses a day. The visitor walks away happy with a report that also contains the message that the client wants to get across to potential clients.

Published books:
Handwriting of the Famous & Infamous
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Handwriting Analysis
The Forensic Handwriting Mystery fiction series:
Poison Pen
Written in Blood
Dead Write
Last Writes


• human resource management
• integrity screening
• sales force building
• drawing crowds to their booths at trade shows and conventions
• handwriting authentication
• lectures and presentations to a wide range of audiences

For marriage and family therapists, I am approved by the State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences to provide continuing education:

You are invited to try out Sheila Lowe's Handwriting Analyzer software free:


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