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      This page is a resource for those seeking professional services. has developed a set of standards and a rigorous certification process to ensure that our members are competent representatives of the handwriting sciences and our organization. We are proud to advertise especially the services of members who have achieved CG status. All AHAF members are governed by a meaningful Code of Ethics. If you have reason to believe a member's conduct has been unprofessional please report the infraction to

      Note, although AHAFdoes not qualify analysts in questioned document examination, some of our members have professional affiliations or certificates with forensic document organizations.

     Our regular member Directory (listed alphabetically by first name) has additional information and links for each member listed on this page.


Joyce Brizendine, MS, CGA, CG - Certified by IGAS in 1978. Teacher, guest lecturer on cruises and high schools.

Anthony Brochetelli, CG- AHAF Certified, speaker, author, scholar and translator of European graphological works. Main graphological expertise in psychological profiling, job profiling and compatibility assessment. Graphology scholar since age 11. NYU Graduate (Psychology/Philosophy). Privately mentored 2007-2009 by former president of NSG (Louise Erpelding). Currently writing a multivolume reference for U.S over 1300 pages long intended to fill the monumental gap in knowledge between European and American graphology. Company/Firm: Graphology Profiling International Website: Email:

Patricia Carter, CGA, CG - Has provided services to individuals and the business community since 1982. Designed an organizational development program, Understanding and Working With People. Past President of the MA Chapter of IGAS.

Cynthia Crosson, MSW, M. Div, Ed.d, CGA, CG - speaker, teacher. President of the MACIGAS group in MA. Pastor of the Whately Congregational Church, a retired college professor, therapist. Published author in the area of child abuse and neglect, child welfare, and veterans and their families. Locatied in No. Central MA

Tricia Clapp, CG - Graphology and Enneagram Instructor. Tucson, AZIndependent Bookstore Owner - Mostly Books
Largest selection of new and used books on handwriting analysis

Anthony DeSerpa, M. Ed, MGA, CG - Personality and Compatibility Analysis. Retired school psychologist. Found graphology a useful addition to the battery of tests when evaluating students.

Linda Green, CG, MA Ed, C.Ht, - Forensic Handwriting Examiner, Personnel Selection, Personality Analysis, Compatibility Analysis, Hypnotherapist, Teacher . AHAF Education/Certification Chair, Librarian.
Stockton and Cotati, CA

Gary Gladwin, CG - Speaker, Jury Selection, Criminality Seminars, Personal and Business Coach
Provider of CEU for attorneys. Boise, ID

Victoria Gray, CG, MGA, BSBA Personnel selection, individual/partner capability, employee relations counseling.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Over 25 years of HR experience in aerospace, manufacturing and banking. Small business owner for 13 years. Email:

Heidi Harralson, CMGManaging partner of Spectrum Forensic International, LLC Tucson, AZ
Published researcher and author: Forensic Handwriting Examination of Motor Disorders & Forgery, contributor in Crime Scene Investigation. Board certified through the National Association of Document Examiners. Email:

Ruth Holmes, CG, handwriting and document examiner
Bloomfield Hills, MI
Advises individual, legal, and corporate clients in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
Pentec often works for the Oakland County Sheriff's Department and Office of the Prosecutor, serving as an expert witness in major trials.  Email:
Sarah Holmes Tucker, MA, CG,
Court-qualified expert witness, past president of the Great Lakes Association of Handwriting Examiners. Researching the validation of handwriting analysis with the Psychology department of Boston University.
Duxbury, MA
Judith Kolkin Kaplan, Certified Graphologist by AHAF and IGAS, Personality Profile & Compatibility Assessment Reports. Workshop Leader in Handwriting Analysis, Dream Analysis from handwritten dream reports and drawings of dreams. MLS Librarian and Writer. Dual locations: New York and North Carolina Email:
Joan Kramer, CG - Lecturer, Personnel Selection, Personality Profiling, Compatibility Analysis, Workshops. AHAF Executive Treasurer. Medford Oregon. Email:

Lena Flory Lamond, MA, CG, - Translator, graphologist, questioned document examiner. Madrid, Spain. MA from MIIS; certified by the Asociación Liceo Grafológico de España and AHAF.

Linda Larson, MA, CG, PCG - Life Member, Vice President of AHAF. Lecturer, Instructor, Jury Screening, Personnel Screening, Personal Analysis, Promotional Events, Document Examination, Mentoring
Capitola, CA

Sheila Lowe, CG, MS - Lecturer, President of AHAF; Teacher, Trade Show Demos, Document Examination, Handwriting Analysis. Court qualified forensic handwriting examiner. Personality analysis for business and personal clients. Author of fiction and non-fiction. Southern California
Email:  (forensic handwriting mystery series)  (handwriting analysis services and products)

Milt Moore, CG, MA - Charlottesville, VA
Lecturer, Personality/Vocational/Compatibility Analysis, Jury Selection. Dual Masters in Guidance and counseling; Human relations and supervision. Served as: AHAF President (1976-80), Certification Committee, Newsletter Editor
Co-director of COGs (1980-83) Email:
Sally Mosko, CG - Cedarburg, WI
Personality Profiles, Compatibility Assessment Reports, Certified Cursive Coach. Moderator for Northern Illinois Handwriting Analysis Study Group and member of AHAF’s Online Chapter. AHAF Member since 2012, AAHA Life Member since 1987. Email:

Richard Orsini, CDE - Document Examiner
Jacksonville Beach, FL

Eileen Page, MA, MGA, CG - . Lecturer, personal analysis, author, document examiner. Teaches graduate courses in handwriting and personality-related subjects in connection with Framingham State University. Scituate, MA

Pat Rarus, CG - Consults with companies and individuals, marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers and psychologists. She also works with private individuals.

Jeff Starkman, CG - Handwriting in Motion. Over 15 years experience in the field of graphology, graphotherapy, and graphoanalysis. Offers a verbal handwriting analysis over the phone with a money back guarantee.

Jeanne Vandermeer, CG - Career counseling, employment easements, private personality profiles for individuals and companies. Jury selection and criminal cases. Has worked with FBI, law enforcement and the judicial system. A visiting instructor at the Stetson University campus in Celebration, FL.

Janice Warren, CG - Toastmaster, Speaker for civic organizations, teacher workshops, and on cruise ships. Adjunct faculty member of Bristol Community College.
Fall River, MA

Valerie Weil, CG - Val has been studying handwriting analysis and psychology since returning to college at the age of 44. She lectures to various groups and is AHAF Chapter Coordinator. She is also on the board of directors of the AHAF Online Chapter and a member of the Campaign for Cursive Committee.
Crescent, PA.Email:

Donna Whipple, CG - – Engaging presentations on Handwriting Analysis, Journal Writing and Legacy Writing. Personality profiles based on handwriting samples including old letters. Certified Cursive Coach. Vice President of the New England Society for HWA. AHAF Ethics Chair. Email:

Ralph Zackheim, CG, M.A. - – Personality Analysis, Personnel Selection, Compatibility Analysis, Events/ Speaker, Collaborative Projects with Artists; bilingual Spanish-English. Oakland, CA and Calgary, AB Email:

Professional Members certified by other organizations

Linda Cropp Handwriting Analysis, Document Examination
Bountiful, UT
All Handwriting Services, LLC
Handwriting and Forgery Identification

Allan K. Grim, Jr - Professional Handwriting Analyst. Personality analysis, questioned document examination, teacher, author
Sellersville, PA

Reed Hayes, Handwriting and Document Examination,
Jury screening; Personnel selection. Training course in Questioned Handwriting and Document Examination.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Roger Rubin - Handwriting analyst, questioned document examiner, Lecturer. Personnel screening, Personal reports
New York, NY

Lena Rivkin, MFA - Lecturer, Teacher, Personnel Screening, Handwriting Analysis, Document Examination, Los Angeles, CA

Jane Yank, Ph.D. - Psychologist social worker, statistical consultant. AHAF Research Chair.
Saint Paul, MN

Disclaimer: AHAF does not endorse individual members or businesses. Most graphology programs that offer training and/or certification have minimal requirements, and when looking for professional services we encourage you to ask: What training have you received and for how long? Do you hold any certificates? Are you affiliated with any professional organizations? Do you mind if I verify your status with the organization? Can you provide references from other professional analysts or clients?