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Since 1967, our organization has been working hard to promote handwriting analysis. Membership has burgeoned and so have the benefits we offer. You are invited to tour our website through the menus above.

AHAF members, did you renew your dues? The Spring issue of The Vanguard newsletter is now available if you did.

Flash Sale - "Linda Larson's: Combining Gestalt and Trait Stroke Graphology"

Flash Sale now until Jan 15th!  Linda Larson has reduced the price of the acclaimed video "Combining Gestalt and Trait Stroke Graphology" to only $11.99!  Hurry, it is only for a very limited time, between now and Jan 15, 2018.   Even the website still has it listed for $30.00, but you can get it by manually entering the Flash Sale price of $11.99 in your PayPal send.  This remarkable video walks you through using the best of both methods, for a deeper and better analysis of the handwriting.   

Videos of the 2017 Conference Available

Wow, what a spectacular event!   To access any of the conference videos:  1)  Log into your AHAF Account  (remember:  username is always firstname space lastname.)  2)  Once logged in, click "Members-Only."  3)  Click "AHAF Education Department".  4)  Click "Conference."  5)  Scroll down to the middle of the page, past the schedule, to select the "Date" you want to view.  6)  Use your access code (all who registered were emailed the codes.  If you want to register now to access these videos, Contact valweil@comcast.net 412-508-9936.)

Conference is Oct 6-8. Come, Celebrate with Us!

Don't forget to sign up for the AHAF 2017 Conference, held October 6-8th!  You can go to Tucson AZ for all the fun and 50th Anniversary of AHAF festivities, or join us on Zoom for the speakers!   AHAF Members get a discount:  for In Tucson use promo code FULLCONF; for Zoom use promo code AHAFZOOM.  Here's the link for more information about the conference and registration:  http://conta.cc/2kXT2hQ