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Since 1967, our organization has been working hard to promote handwriting analysis. Membership has burgeoned and so have the benefits we offer. You are invited to tour our website through the menus above.

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My interview with Dr. Steve Olivas on his podcast "The Commute"

I had the good fortune to be interviewed by a psychologist named Dr. Steve Olivas who hosts a fun podcast called "The Commute" (it's one of three podcasts that he hosts!), and the show is described as "A weekly podcast focusing on interesting jobs and the interesting people doing them. A sprinkle of humor and a smatter of IQ - Dr.


The American Handwriting Analysis Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of the handwriting sciences.  AHAF promotes education for handwriting examiners at all levels of experience and from all schools of thought.


Our Mission


The mission of American Handwriting Analysis Foundation (AHAF) is to provide information and services to its members with the goal of enriching their effectiveness as handwriting analysts and to educate the public about the handwriting sciences.


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What is AHAF... 


AHAF is a non-profit educational organization that welcomes members from a wide variety of educational backgrounds. No specific course of study is currently required for membership. A list of instructors recommended by the organization and approved by the Education Department is listed on the courses page. Although we are based in the U.S., we are pleased to welcome a growing number of international members.

Handwriting Professionals

Our membership offers a full range of handwriting professionals who teach classes, give lectures, provide analysis, and authenticate documents. Our professionals are listed by region and some offer lectures or consultation by Skype.

Publications and Library

AHAF publishes several graphology monographs that are available for purchase. We also offer an extensive library for use by members. Back issues of our newsletter and a large collection of monographs is available online for our members to download at no charge in the members-only area.

AHAF publishes a quarterly journal packed with informative articles, book reviews, committee reports and member news.

Annual Conferences

For more than twenty years AHAF has alternated with AAHA in hosting an annual conference. To encourage participation by members from coast to coast, as well as from other countries, conferences are located in various parts of the U.S.. Internationally recognized speakers are invited to share their knowledge, and members have a unique opportunity to make new acquaintances and discuss the various challenges they face in their own geographical areas.


Along with handwriting analysis, AHAF provides a place for document experts, educators, mental health professionals, attorneys, physicians, career counselors and others to interact and learn from each other. 


The Research committee is ready to assist any serious researcher with his or her project.  Some past research projects include: Printing and Handwriting; Relationship between handwriting and creativity in fifth grade children; Establishing a valid and reliable relationship between handwriting and personality traits; Genetic influences in handwriting; Identifying thinking and behavioral styles of the four quadrants of the brain through handwriting movement patterns.

Click here for information about joining AHAF.  Here is information on our code of ethics, mentoring programs, networking opportunities, certification, chapter meetings, and study guide.

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