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Where do they not do cursive handwriting?

Where and who is there who can help get them the right cursive books, etc.??My friend lives in Swarthmore, Saskatchewan, Canada.  It it not far from Calgary.  He says his friend's daugher who is ten years old learned cursive handwriting. The other daughter who is eight years old did not. Seems the US isn't the only country to deny their children a future. We have some members from Canada. Wants to take this on in Canada?  I found politicans are easier to get on your side than the teacher's association.  Do you have a Handwriting Day?  Create one.

Congratulations to Anthony Brochetelli, CG

Congratulations to Anthony Brochetelli, who has just become an AHAF Certified Graphologist!  Anthony began studying graphology at the incredible age of 11 and has become a speaker, author and translator of European graphological works. He has extensive practical experience analyzing thousands of writings.  He studied with Louise Erpelding, former president of NSG.  Anthony holds Bachelor's Degrees in Psychology and Philosophy from NYU.  In his business, Graphology Profiling International, he performs psychological profiling, job profiling and compatability assessment.