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My interview with Dr. Steve Olivas on his podcast "The Commute"

I had the good fortune to be interviewed by a psychologist named Dr. Steve Olivas who hosts a fun podcast called "The Commute" (it's one of three podcasts that he hosts!), and the show is described as "A weekly podcast focusing on interesting jobs and the interesting people doing them. <!--break--> A sprinkle of humor and a smatter of IQ - Dr.

Let's put projective personality assessment on the map!

Our practice of Graphology is part of a larger discipline, projective personality assessment. We can build the credibility of handwriting analysis by educating the public about this broader field, and educating ourselves about other projective tests that we can use alongside graphology. I have just put together a new website to further advance awareness of the broader field. I encourage you to do the same! See what you think!https://jewishhealthallian.wixsite.com/apoizner/