Amazing Changes and Additions

    Wow! As a new member, I have to say this is an amazing time to be a part of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation.
    The website is awesome, true.  There's no denying that was the one selling point as to which organization with which I wanted to be associated when I submitted my dues.  A good website generally means that the people behind it are constantly updating, changing and looking to keep on top of things.  I was impressed when I joined in March.
    But I have to admit, the changes that this organization has made over the last few months to "enhance" this website and its membership has me completely bowled over. I am forever grateful for the newest additions to this site.
    The back issues of the newsletters provide great topical information that you cannot find in any book. Its a pleasure to see that these treasures not only were preserved, but are alive again on your website. 
    All well and good, but what really knocked my socks clean off were the additions of the monographs.  While I expected the typical monograph to be several pages like the "Mueller-Enskat Graphological Method" By Stephen Borisoff, ....But I was so surprised that these monographs were actual books!  (Jerry Stuparich's "Tattletale T's" is 177 pages,  Leslie King's "for Tyros or Pros" is 192 pages, and "The Freudian I" by T. L. Henley is 47 pages) 
    The information provided in these Monographs are priceles, yet they came to me at no additional cost.  You cannot find these wonderful books for sale anywhere, but now we can have them.  Such a joy to read the articles that have been referenced in so many other books and writings.
    Thank You, AHAF, for creating this beautiful website and for updating it with materials that make all the difference to a serious student, like myself.