My interview with Dr. Steve Olivas on his podcast "The Commute"

I had the good fortune to be interviewed by a psychologist named Dr. Steve Olivas who hosts a fun podcast called "The Commute" (it's one of three podcasts that he hosts!), and the show is described as "A weekly podcast focusing on interesting jobs and the interesting people doing them. A sprinkle of humor and a smatter of IQ - Dr. Steve brings the inside scoop on "How does it work?" Steve's listeners had actually badgered him about what they claimed was his "awful handwriting" when he posted his show notes prior to his interviews and told him that he needed to find a handwriting analyst to look at his writing, ha ha ha!  So he found me on Twitter and asked me if I'd come on his show). Here is the link if you'd like to listen: If you'd like the 2 samples I analyzed so you can follow along, just let me know. They are both PDF's but I can send as images as well. I got some nice comments on Twitter after it aired, including one woman who was excited about the ADHD project I did for my Senior Research Proposal and Dr. Steve remarked that I was obviously "jacked" about the cool researcher I had connected with who is working on a study using handwriting analysis and artificial intelligence to determine dyslexia in children's writing. (BTW, this young researcher named Katie Spoon is speaking at our Onlne Conference this fall, I am SUPER EXCITED to hear about her research!) I hope you enjoy it, I had a lot of fun and it was SO TERRIFIC to be interviewed by a psychologist who could easily help explain that yes, there IS science behind this, and why it is so. Have a great week,Theresa