Sally Mosko is now an AHAF Certified Graphologist!

Congratulations to Sally Mosko, CG, who recently passed the AHAF Certification Examination!  Several decades ago, Sally came across a used copy of a book on handwriting analysis and from that point on she was smitten.  Eager to learn more, she sought out classes in the Chicago area and was introduced to the American Association of Handwriting Analysts (AAHA).  Graphology has been her hobby ever since, but #1 on her bucket list, when she moved to Wisconsin three years ago, was to test her knowledge through the certification process.  AHAF's online Zoom sessions afforded her the perfect opportunity to review and prepare - "thanks to Linda Green and her team".  As she transitions to retirement, she is looking forward to devoting more time to personality profile reports and compatability analysis.  She is also certified as a cursive coach and conducts a monthly graphology study group in the northern Chicago suburbs. "Valerie Weil once said that certification is just the beginning of the learning process; how right she was." 

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