What are you doing on January 23rd? Designated National Handwriting Day by the Writing Instrument Manufacturer's Association in the early 1980s to promote interest in handwriting, that particular date was chosen because it was the birthday of John Hancock, whose large, bold signature is splashed across the Declaration of Independence.

AHAF has worked with handwriting analysis groups around the world to expand this event into International Handwriting Week, which starts this year on January 17th. To see what others are doing, click here for our list of participants and sponsors.

Our PR and Communications Chair, Theresa Ortega, is currently building a database of activities for 2016. If you are planning something special, particuarly on January 23rd, such as sending out a press release, giving a talk at a library or school, or anything else to mark the date, please let Theresa know: We would love to add you to our list.

To see some of the organizations AHAF is partnering with, please visit our special website: 

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Below is a flyer you can use to publicize your event:

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