The Vanguard notice used the word "scandal" in regard to the 2004 broadcast about documents related to military service of George H. Bush. Please read my newest paper posted on Internet Archive. Go to and enter "Marcel Matley" in the search window at lower center. 40 some publications will come  up. Go down the list to "Charging once more" and open the document. You will then have access to definitive proof the documents claimed to have been computer generated in Times New Roman Font most definitely were not. They were definitely produced on a typewriter and most definitely were not in Times New Roman nor Times Roman. Other nonsesne was fostered by incompetence and/or deceit, hopefully only incompetence, and foolishly accepted even by  many document examiners who thereby showed abysmal incompetence.The limitations that cannot at this time be overcome provide a challenge but give no comfort to those who sincerely wish the false were true and the true false. There is much more than mere typewriting addressed in the paper.Regards,Marcel