RUTH HOLMES LIVE this morning on the radio

Join RUTH HOLMES on Smart Women Talk Radio today, June 3!!8:00AM PDT, 11:00AM EDT  You'll find the link to listen LIVE on this page:
Katana and Vicky will be interviewing, Ruth Holmes, Handwriting Examination Expert.
Join us as we’ll discuss:
1.    Handwriting is a viable tool to understanding personality.
2.    Handwriting is used in various fields from HR to Jury Consulting to Forensic Document Examination.
3.    Handwriting is a tool for team building and conflict resolution.  “You can stand what you can understand.”
Ruth Holmes, CDE, is a professional handwriting & document examiner whose forensic and personnel consulting firm, Pentec, Inc., in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, advises individual, legal and corporate clients in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Ruth is a Certified Document Examiner by the National Association of Document Examiners and Board Certified by the American College of Forensic Examiners. She is court qualified as an expert witness in Federal, state and local courts. 
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