2013 SEHA Seminar

This seminar was held Jan. 25-27 at the Homewood Suites Hilton in Maitland, Florida. My husband accompanied me and we had a wonderful time seeing fellow members. This Southeastern group has been my rock and mentor. So many different personalities with so much to offer.
Friday included a lecture on The Wheel Projective Technique by Josh Batchelder, Saturday we were studying The Enneagram by Ann Kessler, and later a study of Norman Rockwell by Bonnie Lee Nugent. Sunday we learned of Macro vs Micro tools by Sheryl Bailey Alexander. In the interim, there were socials and dining out. New officers were installed, and a short memorial service was held for one of our beloved members, Catherine Lane. The seminar was enriching to all.
The only problem we have is that we are an aging group! We need more young blood in this field.

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