JANUARY 4, 2013
On this day we had our all-day training for our division. We used a fun personality assessment tool called "True Colors" developed in the late 70's. It was pretty accurate. (I'm an "ORANGE", by the way).  As we were in between presentations, our VP was sitting next to me and slipped me a piece of paper with a long note she had written on it. She told me that she wanted to know what I could see in her sample, as she had heard "all about how great you were at this sort of thing" and that people said it was really revealing. I asked if she was serious? She said that she was and was very interested. So I immediately began scrawling out some the end of the presentation, she asked me to stay and speak with her.
Long story short...........I ended up giving her analysis, and analyzing our guest speaker/facilitator as well. I'm sure that you have all gotten those looks: those amazed looks and the "Oh, my, where do you see THAT?" and the quips that you must have talked to their mother to find all of this out....the VP exclaimed, "Now, Theresa, I am the LAST person who would believe in crystal balls or fortune tellers...." I quickly replied that while I had no supernatural powers, it was all quite visible on the paper by the way she'd written her strokes, where they started, where they ended, how they were shaped, the pressure, and so many other things. I assured her that I had NO other-worldly powers, that I was only able to read stroke patterns, and could not see the future. She said that I had told her things about her mother/father relationship that were dead-on, and assured our guest speaker that there was no way I would have known about them, as she "NEVER talks about it!" 
The hour that I spent with these 2 ladies was very worthwhile. They came away with a new appreciation for what I do, appreciation of their own strengths, and the knowledge that handwriting analysis and graphology are WORLDS APART from anything they'd thought.