The Mentor Program

The Mentor Program is the second part of the effort of the Education Committee which was approved by the membership. We are anxious to implement this Mentor Program, and members interested in either becoming a mentor or having a mentor should contact Linda Green, Education Chair, for further information.

The Mentor Program is a service provided by AHAF to new members who desire guidance and information.

Note: The Mentor Program is a cooperative effort of the Education Committee, the Chapter Coordinator and the Vice President.


I.Qualification for Mentor

A. Participating AHAF member for minimum of 3 years

1. Attending conferences, presenting seminars

2. Teaching, participating in local chapter if one is available

3. Knowledge of "Who's Who" in AHAF in order to give help regarding graphology courses and available teachers

B. If not certified, be knowledgeable of process and requirements and have "equivalent" background

C. Be familiar with graphology books and booksellers

D. Appreciate the importance of understanding the theories of personality such as psychoanalytical, developmental, behavioral, abnormal, gestalt, and rational emotive

E. Be knowledgeable about the various uses of professional graphology and/or be able to direct apprentice to other successful professionals who can share knowledge of their particular area of expertise

F. Be willing to act as guide/mentor for apprentice in first-time National Conference attendance

Note: Usually, no more than one apprentice will be assigned to a mentor per year unless mentor agrees to more.  Maximum of 3 applicants at one time.

II. Responsibilities of Mentor

A. Contact apprentice at least every other month to check on progress and answer questions

B. Monitor study program of apprentice

C. Recommend appropriate graphology books and authors

D. Encourage participation in local chapter (where available)

E. Encourage attendance at National Conferences

F. Provide whatever else seems appropriate to meet the needs of apprentice

Note: Reasonable postage costs and long distance phone calls to apprentice will be reimbursed to mentor by organization.

III. Procedure for Application to Become Mentor

A. Potential mentor makes application to Education Committee

B. Education Chairperson, in cooperation with local chapter presidents, assigns apprentice to mentor for one year period. May continue for 2nd year if apprentice requests and mentor is willing.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or if you would like a mentor, please contact Judy Jobe,