AHAF's library contains hundreds of books and monographs covering most aspects of the handwriting sciences.

For more information or to borrow some materials, contact our librarian Linda Green Many items have been added since this list was posted.  Please contact Linda if there is a specific item you are looking for and do not see listed.



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If you do not see what you are looking for in the link above, please check this list, which includes some of our holdings that are not yet catalogued.

Here is a searchable list of monographs.

The rules for use are listed below.



     A.  For on-site use:

     1.  Make an appointment beforehand with the Librarian;

     2.  Since the Library is maintained at the Librarian's residence, restrict activity to the designated area;

     3.  Visitors may be granted the privilege of using the Librarian's own personal collection for reference at the Librarian's sole discretion, but may not be permitted to borrow or copy such material so as to protect AHAF from any liability.

     B.  Rules for borrowing materials are:

     1.  No more than two items may be borrowed at once.

     2.  Lending period is one month with renewal privileges at the discretion of the Librarian.

     3.  Publications in demand may be limited to a two week borrowing period.

     4.  Items designated "non-circulating" may not be removed from the premises.

     5.  Books may be borrowed by mail for a fee to reimburse the Library's costs such as packaging materials, postage and postal insurance.

     C.  A security deposit is required to borrow Library materials.

     1.  AHAF members borrowing library materials will pay a $40.00 security deposit to borrow materials.

     2.  Non AHAF members may not borrow, except directors of libraries on inter-library loan as approved by the Librarian.

     3.  The security deposit shall be sent to the Librarian and made payable to the Treasurer.  The Librarian will hold the deposit check, forwarding it to the AHAF National Treasurer if monies become due to AHAF.

     4.  Refund of this deposit check will be made at return of materials and termination of further borrowing, provided no monies are owed to AHAF by the borrower.

     5.  A security deposit is not required for on-premise use of library materials.

     6.  Repeat or regular borrowers may use the same security deposit each time they wish to borrow material, as long as no monies are owed to AHAF.

     D.  Fines:

     1.  A 10 cent per day fine, including Sundays and holidays, will be levied for all overdue books.

     2.  Normal lending period is four weeks calculated from the day of mailing to the date of return.  The due date for each item will be clearly indicated to the borrower.  This period allows for mailing back and forth and two-weeks for use of the material.

     3.  Fines for unreturned material shall accumulate but not to exceed one half the security deposit per book.  The borrower would still be responsible for returning the overdue material, since it remains the property of AHAF; and the Borrower would still be liable to pay for replacement, or other reasonable value, plus costs of cataloging the item or its replacement, all over and above any over-due fine levied.  The Librarian shall calculate all such charges and notify the borrower in writing with copy to the treasurer.

     4.  Borrower is responsible for damage to books from the moment the Librarian mails them to the borrower to the moment the Postal Service delivers them back to the Librarian.  Security Fee may be confiscated and/or the full value of the book may be charged.  No other books may be borrowed until all fees, fines and other charges are paid.

     5.  The borrower accepts responsibility for the material from the time it is mailed to the borrower by the Librarian until its delivery is accepted by the Librarian in return.  Books lost or damaged through the mails should be reported immediately to the Librarian.  The borrower is responsible for making any claim for loss in the mails.

For more information or to borrow some materials, contact the librarian Linda Green at