Certification Forms

Please click here for Information about our certification program. Note, you must be an AHAF member to apply for certification.

The documents below are intended to help you prepare for the AHAF Certification Examinations. Click on the link to download. When you are ready to apply for certification, use the appropriate PayPal button.

Study Guide - Material with which you need to be thoroughly familiar before applying for the examination

Appendix A - Recommended reading

Appendix B - Guidelines for obtaining a handwriting sample

Appendix C - Guidelines for preparing a report

AHAF offers members a free monthly online study session via Zoom.us to help prepare students for certification. Contact Ralph Zackheim: spen28@yahoo.com to receive an invitation. Non-members may attend one session at no cost.

Continuing education - Certification renewal points record (2 pages)

Grandfathering option - the following requirements must be met (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE):

  • Complete the certification application.
  • Meet AHAF certification standards.
  • Be certified by another approved organization (IGAS, BIG, ASPG).
  • Have worked for a minimum of ten years as an active handwriting professional. 
  • Two strong recommendations specifically related to the applicant's career in handwriting analysis given by certified handwriting professionals. 
  • An example of high quality casework that demonstrates an understanding of gestalt analysis. If there is any doubt that the applicant understands the gestalt approach, s/he will be required to perform an analysis selected by the Certification Committee.
  • Other contributions to the field (e.g., conference presentations, papers, article, teaching, serving as an officer on a board, etc.). 
  • Must not have been convicted of a felony.
  • Sign the Code of Ethics.
  • Payment of the grandfathering fee (nonrefundable application fee $25, grandfathering fee $100--PayPal link below).

To apply for certification click on the application payment link below. Once your application is approved, you will be instructed to pay the appropriate examination fee.

EXAMINATION PART I: Once you have paid for Part I of the Examination (select from PayPal drop down menu below), click here to complete the application form.

EXAMINATION PART II: After you have been notified that Part I has been successfully completed and you have paid the fee for Part II (select from PayPal drop down menu below), click here to complete the application.

Certification Fees - select from dropdown menu