Tyrants and Temperament

The most accurate evaluation of a man's character--said the father of modern graphology--is a result of hate.  While love is blind to character defects, animosity gives x-ray vision of subtectonic cracks in an enemy's character from the motivation to defeat them (Klages, 1932, Science of Character). Like Napoleon Bonaparte, Donald J. Trump will eventually be usurped from his position of power by the force of popular demand.

Enola Holmes

Last week, a member of AHAF recommended Enola Holmes, a film currently available on Netflix. It is a fun, quirky movie about Sherlock Holmes' younger sister, Enola, who discovers her innate sleuthing skills through adventures of her own. What intrigued me most about the film was the quote from Sherlock Holmes stating, "There is rarely a case where handwriting doesn't tell me all I need to know." For all you fellow handwriting detectives—enjoy!

Study Group Pledge

"I promise to strive for competence in my field, for certification of my skills, and to honor confidentiality in all my discussions."All members of AHAF and participants of our online Study group know that this is the very best learning environment.  We can ask questions, explain things, and learn from one another.  But, we must do this with integrity, ethics, and honor.Say the pledge with me each week.  Work towards certification. Apply what you know, and question when you don't.  And above all, keep our discussions only to this learning environment.Do no harm.