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Reading Assignments

2nd week:
Lowe, through Chapter 2.
Seifer, through Chaper 2
Landau, Michon paper posted on AHAF website under "Education" tab
Study questions for Michon paper:
I like to think of study questions as a scavenger hunt. First one to complete questions 1-8 will receive a free copy of Handwriting, An Analysis Through Its Symbolism by Rudolph S. Hearns.  Go for it.
1. What compelled a devoted Catholic priest, Abbe Michon, to rebel against the Catholic Church and turn to scientific endeavors?

Graphology 101

Hi, graphology students everywhere!  As AHAF Librarian and Education Chair, it has become clear to me that I shall spend the rest of my life reading and studying the hundreds of graphology books contained in our library and beyond.  Do you have that same love of graphology and thirst for more and more knowledge and expertise of this fascinating field, unlike any other?  Then join right in!