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Many personality and psychological test consultants call themselves Compass or Meridian Services, assuring us with science they will guide us to know ourselves. Contrary to popular demand, the science of personality is primitive. With no definitive markers for our inner terrain, we cling fearfully to the contours of our ego like ancient sailors hugging the shoreline. 

Science or Seance?

Barry Beyerstein, co-founder of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry created in 1976 to debunk fringe sciences, widely promoted graphology as unscientific, and therefore legally problematic for businesses who use this personnel assessment from handwriting. 

Dialectic of Character: Comparing Klages and Stern

Character is an important topic for philosophical psychologists who want to understand the causal relationship between temperament, drives and values (Piekkola, 2011). Klages (1932) and Stern (1938) developed grand theories of personality in which each defined character as a real dialectic between the subjective and objective aspects of the whole person.