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Day 2: Thinking of National Handwriting Day

Jan. 2, 2013 - On this day, I thought about what I would do to celebrate "National Handwriting Day" on Jan. 23. (Actually, I usually stretch it into a week). So I sent a note to fellow analyst Sharon Rose, to see if we might partner up for an event on that day. Sadly, she is already overcommitted but agreed we'd do something together later.
I will formulate some letters to send to local TV/radio and newspapers to get some interest in the topic of handwriting. I usually do this every year and get interviews. It's good to keep it in people's minds.

Baptism by Fire - joined a Blogging Challenge

I think I must be out of my mind....I ran across the "Ultimate Blog Challenge" on LinkedIn on Jan. 5, the challenge had already started on Jan. 1. I thought to myself, "Oh, I can do that. I can catch up to make it one post a day, sure." I realized that I could look back on the past 5 days and see where I had used handwriting analysis every single day. But let me add: I have never blogged before. And it seems like most of the folks competing in the challenge have at least a CLUE about what they're doing. Well, that's me....just jump right into the deep end!