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DAY 6: Sending my pitch to the local media

For this 6th day of the challenge, I'm once again writing about how I use handwriting analysis in SOME fashion every day. It's very practical. Today, I sent my pitch letters to the local media, talking about National Handwriting Day on Jan. 23. I send them to radio, TV and newspapers each year, and it usually garners me a couple of interviews. Aside from that, I sent them a link to a story that Indiana State University did about me and some of the handwriting analysis work I have done. It is never dull, and I certainly wished I had learned this skill 20 years ago! 


In case anyone is wondering what these numbered days are about, I'm participating in the "Ultimate Blog Challenge", and we are challenged to blog every single day, through the month of January. Unfortunately, I found out about it on the 5th day and began blogging on the 7th. And it seems that this platform only lets you post once a day, then additional posts are shown as "Comments". So it will be awkward to catch up, but I will get it done.