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AHAF / AAHA Conference Coming Soon

This Fall, October 26 and November 2nd, we are providing an fantastic line-up of international presenters for our Conference.  This conference is held completely Online, using Zoom, so there is no plane to catch, no baggage to pack, and we are as convenient as your computer!  The Early Bird discount expires September 26th!  AHAF and AAHA Members get an additional discount.  Email me for the codes!  The theme for this event is "Linking to the Future," and it has some of the fields most amazing speakers and topics.  Dr.

Flash Sale - "Linda Larson's: Combining Gestalt and Trait Stroke Graphology"

Flash Sale now until Jan 15th!  Linda Larson has reduced the price of the acclaimed video "Combining Gestalt and Trait Stroke Graphology" to only $11.99!  Hurry, it is only for a very limited time, between now and Jan 15, 2018.   Even the website still has it listed for $30.00, but you can get it by manually entering the Flash Sale price of $11.99 in your PayPal send.  This remarkable video walks you through using the best of both methods, for a deeper and better analysis of the handwriting.