Welcome to AHAF

Since 1967, our organization has been working hard to promote handwriting analysis. Membership has burgeoned and so have the benefits we offer. You are invited to tour our website through the menus above.

AHAF members, did you renew your dues? The Spring issue of The Vanguard newsletter is now available if you did.

Our Online Chapter is Awesome!

Check it out!  The AHAF now has an online chapter for regular monthly meetings, bringing together members that want to share ideas, samples, talks and demonstrations about handwriting, marketing your self, education and more.  And, the convenient thing is, the meeting is always at your house, through your computer.
On Feb 20th, 2014 the AHAF Online Chapter became officially chartered.  All members of our chapter must first be members of AHAF, then they may join this chapter, too.  

Val Weil Passes AHAF Certification Examination!

Congratulations to Val Weil, CG, who has recently passed the AHAF Certification Examination! Val Weil comes from southwestern Pennsylvania. Born and bred and residing in the same neighborhood, Val explains that "she doesn't get out much."  She was so impressed with handwriting analysis that, at the tender age of 44, she went back to college to study psychology, too.  She's been studying Graphology ever since, both with formal classes and lots of independent reading.