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Since 1967, our organization has been working hard to promote handwriting analysis. Membership has burgeoned and so have the benefits we offer. You are invited to tour our website through the menus above.

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Congratulations to Anthony Brochetelli, CG

Congratulations to Anthony Brochetelli, who has just become an AHAF Certified Graphologist!  Anthony began studying graphology at the incredible age of 11 and has become a speaker, author and translator of European graphological works. He has extensive practical experience analyzing thousands of writings.  He studied with Louise Erpelding, former president of NSG.  Anthony holds Bachelor's Degrees in Psychology and Philosophy from NYU.  In his business, Graphology Profiling International, he performs psychological profiling, job profiling and compatability assessment.

Northern IL Study Group Change of Meeting Dates & Time for 2015

The Northern Illinois Handwriting Analysis Study Group will meet on the 4th Thursday of every month starting with our January 22, 2015 meeting.  Our new meeting time will be 1 – 3 pm.  The location remains the same, Sunset Foods Conference Room, corner of Aptakistic Road and Route 83 in Long Grove, IL.  Speakers for early in 2015 will be Trish Towey presenting on Connections and Dave Grayson speaking on Printing in Handwriting.  New members always welcome!