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Victor G. Clark Awarded Certified Graphologist Title - Congratulations!

Victor Clark, MSEd, Certified Graphologist, has training and experience as a licensed professional counselor in clinical, forensic and experimental graphology. Mr. Clark is an executive assessment consultant in leader character since 2008 focusing on personality dynamics of violence in business management in Atlanta. Formerly Clinical Director of Horizon Recovery mental health and substance abuse outpatient centers in Hendersonville and Asheville, North Carolina. In March 2014 Mr.

Joyce Brizendine, Certified Graphologist - Congratulations!

Handwriting analysis has been part of Joyce Brizendine’s life since she was 18. The seeds were started once she read Bunker’s book on Graphoanalysis. After she obtained her BS and MS in Education, she took the IGAS course to become a Certified Graphoanalyst in 1978. Throughout subsequent years, she taught courses on Handwriting Analysis at the community college and graduate levels. She was a guest lecturer on several cruises, and also lectured at local high schools. Eventually, she started her own business, “Write To Know” Handwriting Analysis Services, in 2008 (writetoknowha.com).