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Dr. Cynthia Crosson Becomes Certified Graphologist!

Dr. Cynthia Crosson has recentlly become certifed by AHAF.  She was originally certified by IGAS as a Graphoanalyst in 1993. She currently serves as the president of the New England group, MACIGAS in Massachusetts. In her ‘other lives’ Cynthia is the pastor of the Whately Congregational Church in Massachusetts , a retired college professor and a writer in the area of child abuse and neglect, child welfare and more recently services to veterans and their families.

Anthony DeSerpa Now a Certified Graphologist!

Congratulations to Tony DeSerpa who has recently been certified by AHAF!
Tony was born in the Azores, Portugal, where he attended high school and the University of Lisbon. While in grammar school he came across a book on graphology and became fascinated by it. It wasn’t until many years later, already in the US, that he began to realize that fascination, at IGAS. He is a retired school psychologist and always found graphology to be a very useful addition to his battery of psychological tests when evaluating students.
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