In case anyone is wondering what these numbered days are about, I'm participating in the "Ultimate Blog Challenge", and we are challenged to blog every single day, through the month of January. Unfortunately, I found out about it on the 5th day and began blogging on the 7th. And it seems that this platform only lets you post once a day, then additional posts are shown as "Comments". So it will be awkward to catch up, but I will get it done.
My purpose with handwriting analysis is to educate people about the practical everyday uses for this wonderful skill I have learned and continue to hone. People ask me all the time, "Do you analyze everything that comes across your desk?" and the answer is "Yes", and add to that, "I can't help it!" There's usually SOMETHING about each piece of writing that catches my eye. But then again, maybe it's my pseudo-ADD/ADH-short-attention-span-theatre-going-on-in-my-head. But I digress....
So on this 5th day, I sat down to write a draft of my "pitch letter" for local radio/TV/newspapers. I usually do this every year for "National Handwriting Week". Some folks say it's National Handwriting DAY, but I like to drag it out.....this letter lets the local media know about this upcoming event, how my appearance might be of interest to their readers/viewers/listeners, some ideas on how we might make it fun, and then of course, I give them my contact information. Let's see what happens this year.....