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Using social media to market your handwriting analysis practice

Cecelia Rosa - Wed, 07/15/2015 - 13:55Although a valuable measure of personality by trained handwriting analysts, Handwriting Analysis for personality profiling is often viewed with skepticism by the general public or regarded as crystal ball reading and such like.Rather than conventional advertising of your skills and services as a ha

Theoretical Framework for Handwriting Analysis for Personality Profiling

Recently I heard a radio announcer mock an educationist for suggesting that handwriting analysis be used to understand children a little better.  From the announcer's comments, it was quite clear she was ignorant about what handwriting analysis involves.  An academic who was questioned over the air was emphatic that there is no empirical evidence for handwriting analysis as a credible field of study.  This is simply not true.

The Characteristics of a good Handwriting Analyst

What are the characteristics a good handwriting analyst should strive after? Well perhaps one should start with what a good handwriting analyst is not.  A handwriting analyst is not someone who tells the future, attains training through reading a book from a bookstore or indulges in ‘over a cup of coffee’ quick ‘readings’ of handwriting for an over eager ‘please analyse my writing’ individual who thrusts a specimen of writing under the nose of the analyst.